This section of my website is for more fun pages unrelated to portfolio business.
Below are links to my various pages, and a small collection of digital pets. ♥

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A brown Furby A compact disc
"Eastern Mind" shrine My Furby & iZ collections My CD collection
An earthworm curled into a spiral A blue frog looking up happily A purple alien in a window
Worm Shrine My Favourite Films Lost and Found media

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Tapirs have changed very little over the past 20 million years.

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My Starter Pokémon on PokéFarm, Pajama Sam, was adopted April 16th 2017. Has it been 5 years already?!

An orange love bug with blue wings.'I adopted a love bug from Pansy's Place' button

Geraldine Sugar was adopted April 28th, 2022! Welcome to my website, buddy ::-)

A gif of an ant holding a leaf, walking around Leaf-cutting Ant adopted from Soleil Software and Kid's Domain

My Leafcutting Ant was adopted May 4, 2022. Be careful not to step on him while wandering my site!

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