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October 2021

October 17: Website created as! The url was quickly changed to
October 18: Added customized buttons, pages, and the favicon. Behind the scenes, images were moved to their own folder.
October 19: Customized the buttons more by making them alternate colours, and they change when hovered over. Added more photos to the Digital section.
October 20: Created the Pixel Art page, added photos to the Sketches section. Added basic info to the Commission and Contact pages. Behind the scenes, sketches were changed to jpgs.
October 21: Created the Fun Stuff page. Added some more info to the Commission page, and added alt text to some images.
October 22: Unsuccessfully tried to make the Digital page into a "gallery" format. Fiddled with lists.
October 24: Reverted Digital page to how it was. Added ACNL designs to Fun Stuff.
October 25: Added a title banner to the front page, and a graphic on Contact. Added some more commission examples.
October 27: Edited the Banner image (a lot), my About section, and sorted some more pieces by date.
October 28: Drew my own tiling background.
October 30: Changed the banner one last time! Added more commission examples.
October 31: Added a little Halloween graphic! Happy Halloween!

November 2021

November 5: Added an example of a digital fullbody to Commissions. This was my last example I had to make.
November 6: Finalized commission pricing with the help of my mom (who is also an artist).

December 2021

December 29: Edited all pages so that art was uniformly sorted with recent photos at the top, and older photos to the bottom. Also added a graphic to the 404 page.

March 2022

March 1: Added a link to my RedBubble on the front page.
End of March: Added more art across the site.

April 2022

April 11: Added the Updates page! Moved various different images to their own folders for the sake of organization. Made & implemented a couple more banners.
April 12: Created & added a button at the bottom of the front page! You can paste this on your own site to link back to me.
April 14: Added more buttons (Zeddy Bear, The Works fansite, and Domino Deluxe).
April 16: Another button! (The Anti-NFT one). Also changed the width of lists.
April 20: Added the Autism stamp, centered the Table of Contents on the Commissions page, added a link to my new guestbook on the front page. (If I add many more buttons I doubt I will list them all here lol.)
April 22: "Fixed" the attachment of the background. Added a new class of buttons for the little buttons along the bottom of the front page.
April 23: "Fixed" the banner and made a navigation menu. It doesn't look how it should right now, but it doesn't look weird when I preview it in Dreamweaver, so I'm not sure what to do about that. (Edit: The problem persisted so I just threw something else together -_- The banner is no longer fixed and the nav menu has the moon in it. I'm keeping this page the old CSS for comparison.)
April 24: Made a page for misc web things, to be updated whenever I feel like it in the future. It's at /silly/portal.html. Future pages are added to the /silly directory.
April 25: Made a "shrine" for the Eastern Mind games (I'm wearing a shirt of Nan-shu as I type this lol). I'm new to the concept of web shrines, am I doing it right?
April 26: Created the Furby Collection page! Finished it the next day.
April 28: Added various pictures (gifs to silly/TongNou, a pet on silly/Portal, a button to Index, etc...) Also I keep forgetting to update the front page's "last updated" bit.
April 29: Rewrote some of the front page to include more about me and split up the info.
April 30: Created silly/CDCollection. Added my CDs that day, and my CD-ROMs the next.

May 2022

May 2: Changed silly/CDCollection's CSS.
May 4: Changed the front page's self portrait.
May 5: The worm shrine has been established at /silly/Tunnel.html.
May 7: The Furby page is now /silly/ToyCollection rather than FurbyCollection. I'm adding my iZ collection here too.
May 19: Fixed a broken button and a typo on the Toy page.
May 24: Added a couple pieces to the Digital page (not recent pieces, I just like them.)
May 29: Updated the toy collection for new Furbies [thumbs-up!]. Renamed /sketches.html to /traditional (and hopefully changed all navigation bars to follow suit).

June 2022

June 20: Removed "art" from the buttons because it felt redundant. Added two art pieces (a new one to Traditional, an old one to Digital).

July 2022

July 12: Edited the CD collection page slightly. (I have yet to add some CDs there but I really don't feel like formatting that right now.)

September 2022

September 2: Long time no see! Added a couple pieces to the Digital section. Also, thanks for 13,000 views, that's amazing! ::-]

November 2022

November 2: Whoa, exactly two month between updates. My Tumblr username has changed so I edited the Contact page to reflect that. I didn't do a fun Halloween graphic this year but I hope everyone had a fun Halloween ::-)
November 7: Added a few pieces to the Traditional and Digital pages. I also wrote a bit of my opinion on Carrion in /silly/Tunnel.
November 15: Added a couple Traditional pieces.
November 28: Edited the CD page to include more additions (finally...!). Edited the Misc Portal text on the front page.

December 2022

December 2: How is it Dember already!!! Anyways I changed the CSS on the CD page so it is hopefully easier on the eyes (Goodbye checkerboard pattern...... ::'-(). I also plan on making more shrine pages.
December 4: Added a lot more text to the Eastern Mind page. I didn't realize how little I talked about the actual game... I'd also love to put more graphics on there but I have none! Maybe I should replay the games and make some?
December 6: Tweaked the Eastern Mind page, and a button on the Furby page.
December 8: Added the page for my favourite movies, /silly/film.html. I plan to add more movies there soon!
December 12: Added a section to the film page for The Works.

January 2023

January 8: Man, I haven't even finished the film page and I added another page...! This is for my personal hunt for some shows and games I vaguely remember as a kid. It's at /silly/lostnfound.html. Happy new year everyone ::-)
January 9: Fiddled with the CSS of Lost n Found, adding a new entry as well, and some links.
January 10: I found a post with a link of Chu-Teng's old translation, so I finally put that on the Eastern Mind shrine! ^^__^^
January 15: Updated the Lost n Found page with some info and pictures. Added a new painting to Digital.
January 19: Added background colours to the Film sections, and added a new section for A Kitten Named Woof. Since the background images are taking up a lot of memory (?) to display, I might replace them with smaller repeating backgrounds in the hope that the rest of the images can display faster...
January 21: Added a new Ko-fi button to the front page.

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