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* This page is heavy with small, flickering gifs.

Pixel Art

I started making little few-frame, 150 x 150 pixel (or smaller) animations for page customization on DeviantArt, where they're called "pagedolls". I don't use DeviantArt anymore but I still enjoy making them; they make for fun graphics on other websites, too.
No need to full-resolution-view these because they're already so small.

A small gif of a Bruxish from Pokemon smiling and opening its bulb. A small gif of a Mareep from Pokemon, leaning down and sending out zaps with its tail. A small gif of a Riolu from Pokemon punching with one paw.

Various Pokémon, from May to December 2021.

A small animation of a neon green frog jumping up and landing with a plop.

"Frog Jump", April 18th, 2021. 150 x 150 pixels.

A small gif of a yellow centipede with red bands and green eyes.

"Centipede", Janurary 23rd, 2021. 300 x 120 pixels. This is a drawing of a toy I have ::-)

A small gif of an astronaut helmet with a purple visor, with a blooming rose behind it and a blinking eye in one corner.

"Astro", October 9th, 2018. 150 x 150 pixels.

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