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Commission Information

I take commissions through PayPal, and all prices are in $USD. The process is: you contact me with your proposed job/drawing (the more details, the better!), and if I take it, I'll give you a quote. Then you give me your E-mail and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. I like making commissions a collaborative effort so I will most likely pass some sketches/ideas by you before sending the invoice.
My main experience with commissions comes from character art, which is what these prices and examples are based around. I'm not opposed to jobs not listed here, though! I'd love to tackle new illustration jobs.
Be sure to check out my Contact page for how to get in touch with me!

* My prices are flexible and liable to changing in the future. The prices here are very basic! I could charge more or less depending on the complexity of your job.
* I do not have any physical commissions; all of these get you a digital file.

A drawn bust of a person with a severe expression, wearing a crown and dark outfit, with spikes coming out of her shoulders. A drawing of a tabby cat with a paw in the air, ready to bat at a bug.
Drawing type Price (in USD)
Traditional bust/headshot $20
Traditional fullbody $30

A drawn bust of an orange figure with a severe expression, wearing a gold crown and dark outfit, with orange spikes coming out of her shoulders. A drawing of a greyish-brown tabby car with a paw in the air, ready to bat at a bug.
Traditional bust + digital colour $30
Traditional fullbody + digital colour $40

* Digital art is done with the pencil tool in Paint to get a sharp edge.

A drawing of a partial view of the Beanie Baby Liz, a blue lizard with an orange belly, against a green background. A drawing of a person wearing a brown trenchcoat wearing dark grey pants and shoes, sitting on a stool and leaning against a table. They have flowers and grass in place of a head.
Digital bust $35-40
Digital fullbody $50

* Pixel art is typically done less than 150 x 150 pixels. The small size means there's not a good chance of me doing a fullbody with this, unless you have a simple subject.

A gif of a chubby yellow anthro dog with a dino tail, waving happily to the viewer.
(Commission example belongs to SunMutt on DeviantArt.)
Pixel $20
Minecraft skin $20-30

Wills & Won'ts

I'll let you know if I have any problems with your request, and I reserve the right to deny a request.

Will do:

Won't do:


Commissioned work is just intended to be used by the commissioner, unless they give permission for someone else to use it.
If you do use it online (or elsewhere), please give credit to me!
Please be up-front if you want to use my art for commercial purposes, since those are special cases and would affect pricing.

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