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* This website is best viewed on a desktop computer.
* Warning: Some art featured here may contain eye-straining colours and horror elements (like body horror and blood).
(The "Pixel art" page is especially full of eye-straining, flickering gifs.)

Important: Due to computer problems, Microsoft Paint is not working well on my computer. However, Clip Studio Paint works fine, so if you'd like to commission me for digital art, I can get it to you through that medium! Here are some of my Clip Studio drawings.

A drawing of Fortis, a smiling pale person with psoriasis spots, short brown hair, and three eyes. They're framed by vines, and have on them mushrooms and moss.

My name is Fortis Arbor, and I'm a young adult living in the southeastern United States. I've been drawing all my life, and taking comissions on and off since late 2018. I've mostly focused on character art. I'd love to make drawings for YOU!

Browse my portfolio of art, and check out my commission information if you're interested in buying art from me!
I also have an online shop with RedBubble, and a Ko-fi page for donations, both of which are linked below.

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Tools of the Trade:

More About Me:

• I was born in 2001, and I'm nonbinary.
• In my free time I like playing games on my computer, baking, listening to music, and reading. And drawing of course.
• I love horror and surreal stuff (movies, art, games, etc)!!
• I also really like bugs- some of my favourites include millipedes (like the Florida Ivory millipede), cockroaches (like the American cockroach), moths (like the Polyphemus moth), centipedes, and ants. (Not sure if they count but worms rule as well!)
• I'm also interested in animation, old CGI, black-and-white films, computer viruses, philosophy & psychology, mushrooms, angels, dreams, and toys. ::-)
• I'm almost always listening to music. Lately I've been listening to David Byrne and whatever CDs I have, especially the musicals. ♪

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Check out these other pages! The Misc portal is random pages I've made, unrelated to portfolio work.

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