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Welcome to my page dedicated to the strange hosts of dreams! These are sorted by approximate date of the dream, with recent entries at the top.
I love dreams, especially when there is weird or cool imagery that I can draw when I wake up. It's free art inspiration! I started keeping a journal for dreams in 2020 but I don't write in it as regularly as I could.
This page is heavy with images. Click each thumbnail to see the full drawing.

* Some of these will feature gore and upsetting subjects. *

[June 6 2020]
I was a young adult woman (1st pic) with a son, running some sort of magic shop. All the customers that came in were for pet grooming, which is what the previous business at that building was for. One customer was an elderly man with green skin (2nd pic), who had an old long-hair cat. At some point I went into the basement to get something, and he followed me there in order to steal a magic tome from me. His name was Arch Arm Nemesis, and his torso could split open to reveal another gross fleshy arm that stretched really far in order to grab my book.
[May 8 2020]
I was on the run to avoid my own execution. I waded through a shallow cyan ocean to reach a floating island, where I sought refuge with the people there. It didn't last and I was caught and executed. I don't remember how, but "I" was still alive and aware that "I" (possibly a different body/identity) had died.
[May 5 2020]
I was in a large building, where many of the floors were just metal grates, doing some sort of scavenger hunt with a bunch of other people. A new issue of Dr Catacylsm (which is a real comic) was announced, and I went looking for it, and I saw Polar (Miel's dog from Dr Cataclysm) under some stairs and blacked out. When I woke up, it turned out that Polar had been trapping us in this building, and that we'd been there for a week. I was Miel, sitting in a circle with some other Dr Catclysm characters including Agrippa, Melon, Nights, and Janos. We all had different things growing out of our backs. Since Janos had some trees, we were discussing creating bows and arrows with the wood. [Tumblr post]
[January 2020]
In a dark void were two men standing across from each other. One man held a scalpel to the other's throat, but hesitated to carry through. The other grabbed the arm and forced it to his throat, but was unable to be injured.
[(Late) December 2019]
A faded man only visible by the shadow he cast. I saw him sitting on a bench while walking my dog along paths in a field of incredibly tall grass. He whispered something about making sure we didn't have a mirror on us. I actually did have a little folding mirror in my backpack, which I took out. When looking at him through the mirror, his body was an oozing dark mass with his teeth dripping down. He hated that anyone could see him that way. [Tumblr post]
[(Late) December 2019]
A meaty, dog-like creature, running lose througout a system of buildings, killing wildly. It had tentacle-like things all along its body, which it used to stab and suck meat out with. I was afraid of it but realized I could be spared if I became it, joining it in its violence. [Tumblr post]
[December 2019]
A person suspended in a tube. I was watching something on a small CRT TV with my siblings, and this screen was in an advertisement for a movie. I was intrigued.
[December 9 2019]
A lanky woman that ate information. Her arms were like large bundles of cords, which she could reach into people's throats to extract information out of them. When she pulled out her hand, the people were fine, although there was a transparent purple blood-like liquid that sprayed out. It solidified into small pearls that I collected. Apparently she could also plug her fingertips into computers and feed that way.
[December 2019]
Vyvy is an assistant pastor in a strange church. While I was wandering through hallways, occasionally I felt a creeping dread that changed my surroundings into that of a faded yellow church, which could fade away back to my reality eventually. I couldn't touch any of the attendees or else I would be trapped there. While I hid in a room, Vyvy approached me and carefully handed me a necklace that would help me escape. At some point he wore an elaborate fiery costume. [ToyHouse page] [Tumblr post]
[September 22 2019]
A shapeshifter who was on the run from a crooked police force. I say I was a shapeshifter because I was constatly changing designs, although it was never acknowledged. I started out small but would take on taller humanoid forms as the dream went on. At some point I hid in a hole in a tree root, and another time I went through an antique store, taking and wearing a white gown as a disguise (which did not work).
[August 2019]
A lab room with a huge window looking into a tank of liquid with an organ suspended in it. In the dream, I think a group of spies was experimenting with possessing other people's bodies to go undercover as them. At some point they got into a fight among themselves, and one of their bodies started having a heart attack.
[July 18 2019]
I was playing the mobile game "Welcome to Moominvalley", and I saw a character silhouette I didn't recognize. It turned out to be a small prince, which I saw while visitng someone else's valley. (This game is real but this character is not, but is probably inspired by the Martian.) [Tumblr post]
[May 7 2019]
A werewolf who was the last remaining member of his religious group. He was travelling through snowy fields to reach a small brick outpost. He had an irresistable urge to look at the moon, although he wasn't supposed to. When he did, the view shifted to look straight at his eyes, the pupils of which distorted and abstracted.
[May 2 2019]
This one started off as a dream about Mob Psycho 100, but turned into something to do with angels. Shigeo and Teru were going to fight, but one turned into an angel with multiple arms and eyes, and the other into an angel with a single eye and round body made of light. [Tumblr post]
[March 23 2019]
I was in a sort of game-like scenario moving one square at a time. I had a birds-eye view of my own body. I made a wrong move and was killed in a game over. The view shifted outward to reveal that I was standing at an arcade cabinet.
[March 16 2019]
Two patients in a strange Awful-Hospital-esque scenario. One was a rabbit aptly named Bunnie, who was experiencing distressing hallucinations and would chew the fur out of her paws in her stress. She was unable to go outside, or else a sort of wall of doom would approach her slowly.
The other patient was named DON'T, a cheerful human with a pet dog he walked along with him everywhere. Both him and his dog's faces were utterly mauled, but he seemed blissfully ignorant of anything wrong.
[February 2019]
A young man was walking through dimly lit hallways with an older man. A bird had died in his path and he scooped it up to mourn it. The older man left him behind to seal him in the hallway. I think the young man looked like Daniel Radcliffe.
[December 2018]
I was tasked with creating a CreepyPasta character for a LARP group. I came up with this alien-ish creature, and roleplayed as it with the group at an abandoned train station, then inside a grocery store. [Tumblr post]
[October 20 2018]
A siren who lived in a kelp forest. Her body blended in with the kelp. She came out only to lure divers to their deaths by kissing them. [Tumblr post]
(Nudity warning)
[September (?) 2018]
While exploring a system of alien islands, a giant, blue, skinless human rose out of the sand by the shore to apparently swallow us.
[August 31 2018]
A creature obsessed with candy. On Halloween, he pestered people for all their candy. I was shopping in a small store, where he was floating gracefully through the air and singing loudly. I hummed along with him and floated for a little bit too.
[August 2018]
A small seal which came in to my(?) care, which had a mysterious symbol on its arm. I was warned that it may be dangerous, but kept it anyways, and tucked it into some sort of extradimensional area for safekeeping. When it emerged later, someone had warped it with magic, turning it violent and wolf-like.
[August 13 2018]
A stranger was wandering around outside my house, trying the doorknobs. I ran around, locking all doors and drawing all blinds before he could get to them; but not before our visions crossed as I shut a kitchen curtain. His body was green and corpse-like, with a head devoid of features save for pale thick vein-like protusions that branched from the center of his head. I woke up very stressed.
[June (?) 2018]
A sort of deity of eyes, cloaked in great robes and covered in eyes, that dwelled in looming, cavernous red rooms. She was impossible to look away from, and could control me through eye contact. I instantly felt drawn to her, filled with fascination and love, and I wasn't sure if the feeling was my own or from her. [Tumblr post]
[March 1 2018]
A warped vision of Pokey from "Gumby". While walking through maze-like brick paths in mossy gardens, if I stood in a certain spot, this image would fade into my vision and twitch slightly. [Tumblr post]
[January 13 2018]
Lacy was a coelacanth Beanie Baby found in a bin in a thrift store. Sadly it doesn't seem that any coelacanth Beanie Babies exist, much less in a mysterious red colour. [Tumblr Post]
Williams is a simple cat. This dream featured a cinematic scene of a kidnapping, (with all characters as anthropomorphic cats). Standing in a driveway, I watched as a featureless figure walked away with my friend. He fired bullets like black sheets of paper, which hit me in slow motion. I looked like this character, which I decided to name when I woke up. I also named his friend Winona. [Williams' ToyHouse page] [Winona's ToyHouse page]
[Unknown year]
One of my oldest dreams remembered with clarity. It started with me wrestling my arm out of a toothy mouth, belonging to a huge yellow-bulbed carnivorous plant that was taking over my bedroom. The room was bathed in an awful purple light, a black-light effect lighting up the yellow and green of the plants.
These were actually the Rumor Weed from the "Larry Boy" short of the same name. I really liked that specfic VHS as a kid, but I watched it a couple times that day and it inspired this nightmare.


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